Christian Wedding

This is a tradition rather than a ritual, which has been adapted by almost all the religions in India. This is basically a party thrown as a celebration of the wedding. Evidently, the reception has an ambience of merriment and wild spree with the guests dancing to the tunes of the band. The ultimate... Read more
Proceedings inside the church are a succession of rituals, one followed by the other. The couple walks down the corridor slowly but gracefully till they reach where the priest stands, who welcomes them and offers his best wishes. The priest then commences the procession of reading psalms from the Ho... Read more
The groom’s Best Man welcomes the bride on the groom’s behalf with a kiss on her cheek and with a bouquet, as she arrives at the church in a car sent by the groom.... Read more
This is the celebration of groom’s last night as a bachelor, since thereafter he will cease to be one. The would-be groom, with his Best Man and other pals, drinks and enjoys himself. Prior to drinking, a toast is raised as a custom. Since bachelors are assembled and drink together, this cerem... Read more
This ritual symbolizes the partaking of each-other’s secrets by the prospective bride and groom, as they unveil to each-other the minutest details of their lives and swear by the Holy Bible that they have not concealed anything about their lives. Apart from this, they are also required to corr... Read more